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« Light and atypical parts. »

In tribute to Erik Satie and La Monte Young

« Let go of a butterfly (or any number of butterflies) where the performance takes place: it will end when the butterflies have left the room. « [La Monte Young Composition 1960 # 5]

Lines. Races. Eclipses. Boxed circles. – The architecture of lines has been set in motion. A shiver runs through the paper, the plan, the design field. A welt. A sudden fault. A mazurka is sketched out in a frenzied pace, followed by a long – very long – glissando …

We find ourselves in the heart of a ballet of writing and of drawing, of pointed stylus, of tracing lines and of computer programming. This allows to consider hazards, regrets, twists and turns, streams of hard lines … outlines, waves, loops. – Cowards. Frayed. Or well organised. Tight. – Pierre Braun has fun with numbers, algorithms and mathematical repetition.

Sine-shaped pears, bells tinkling. Formal samples. – The lines are made to turn back on themselves and then repeat. Between scribbles and Cy Twombly, they remember worlds which have already been wandered in … and anticipate what will come next. A fog of lines is gradually being built. And subtle cobwebs.

The chatty line, tweets, prides itself on interlacing. Other times, it squeaks, cries, hoots, hums a forgotten sonatina, an emerged refrain from the depths of the machine and program … The organisation chart of the course is measured by the rhythm of its various movements.

« Untitled (wing of forgetfulness) » strips of torn paper / pages of hidden daily newspapers, superimposed, pinned /canvas. « Sinusoids 1 & 2 », « Squared Spirals », « Outlines and modules », « Passages », « Frequencies », « Loops », « Writings », « Untitled (a_rand_walk1) », « Drawing with a computer » [replayed and reproduced by a 5 year old child], « Untitled (wave) », « Untitled (interferences), » « Untitled (non-inventoried), » gouache on canvas, « Curation (current culture in Rennes) » torn flyers, pinned on canvas, « Histogram (Untitled) » strips of torn paper pinned on canvas.

As with Paul Klee, the line is running, walking, travelling. Cheerful. Adventurous. Mischievous. – Protecting its secrets, it frequently comes back on itself in a zigzag, wraps itself around its axis, folds around its centre, joins these embryo lines that form a complete partition, a slow [or live] choreography.

There are few colours in this universe. Time and atmosphere are « graphic » and « grey » the black line walking on a white paper, the grey line on a black background. – Passing by, a child – throughout the composition and the tune of Cosi Fan Tutte – there is, however, a colourful hoop which is built. Chromatic wheel made ​​of « little papers » recovered and re-cycled [in the literal sense of the term] and an endless wheel. « Colourful origin » These scraps of paper are organized wisely: from blue to green – through the various shades of purple, red, orange, yellow.

Entrechats. Two steps, three or four. Gymnopaedias. – The childhood of the line is as found. Lines and sounds intertwine, forming agglomerates, conglomerates. It is this, the lump of the line: its intensity.

Pierre Braun’s work is made of silence [Untitled], of withdrawn lyrics and graphic onomatopoeias which were the prerogative of so-called « first » or « archaic » cultures – and which we would now only be able to find in comics, had computer culture not been so overwhelmingly seized. Splash … hhhhh, twittt … ttttt, vroom … mmmmm, gulp … ppppp. Strokes, embryos lines – like toddlers – hold hands and sing in unison … There is humour in the sarabande of these lines and these endlessly repeated notes …

Pick. Gather. Collect. Re-collect. The memory of algorithm is filled with repetition, of persistence. Constant appearing lines, sound … prolonged … perpetuated … corrected… underlined … accompanied … rounded … stretched … launched in a continuous loop …folded [as with Varèse] into a trapezium … in staggered rows. They spread, divide, subdivide, add, multiply and re-multiply, subtract secretly to themselves and then… reappear Triumphant. Perennials. – La Monte Young’s butterfly hesitates to fly away…

* « Gymnopedies » Piano Works by Erik Satie (1888)

Florence de Mèredieu

pierre braun

Pierre braun vit en Bretagne. Il est représenté par la galerie Lara Vincy, Paris.

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